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proftrend May 24 shared via Twitter
Price are getting stuck. Important resistance is 838 $. If it's broken target is 945$ . Profit; %16,Risk;%5,88. I think it will raise. Not Investment Advice

Lukinat66870788 May 20 shared via Twitter
Ballmer did a good job ripping off the shareholders of MSFT. He is to be congratulated for that. The company stock was stagnant almost the whole time he was in charge, he made a fortune for doing nothing. and almost as soon as he left, the stock price has done great ever since.

TranscriptDaily May 23 shared via Twitter
Analysts Set Microsoft Co. Target Price at $190.53

dvassallo May 20 shared via Twitter
In my area, I doubt it's because of job losses. Amazon just paid $2B in stock comp to its Seattle employees (my estimate) on May 15. MSFT employees doing very well too. I think it's everything else. Stay at home orders, expectation of price drops, less desire to be in city, etc.

AutonomousCNS May 27 shared via Twitter
Microsoft initiated by Summit Insights at buy. $220.00 PT. via

c2412345 May 22

c2412345 May 21

InvincibleBull 6 hours ago
massive win. All over this at low $1’s doubled and now out NEXT PLAY!!!! $21.3x’s right now price target $35 🚂💰💰💰💰

CryptoChartsJoe 6 hours ago
Wow, I really love this game, see how we call out the exact chart set up, the entry level (and why), and the price target BEFORE price moves😁👇 "$330 Gain In 6 Min On " on YouTube

redneck_nomad May 27
MSFT once traded at .09 AAPL once traded at .26 A stock's trade price 30 days ago doesn't reflect its future. Just like and , is going to change the world.

sprtcrdlui May 27
up 3.94% at $5.27. Analyst Selvaraju from H.C. Wainwright reiterated a Buy rating Price Target $24.00

VetrRatings May 21
Vetr users have downgraded Microsoft Corporation to a BUY Rating (4 stars), giving a target price of $207.15

Sharp_DayTrader 4 hours ago
looking for target price of 184.50 to take another partial gain on our options.

__Resmind May 27
Microsoft is one of the biggest tech companies, THE biggest if I’m not mistaking. Why is the stock price so low? I want to hear philosophies as to why bec I can’t come up with a conclusion.

And just like that oil tankers are starting to get the attention they deserve, and so far below their NAV I'm in physical pain. Price target of $20 for both for me, loading up on more as we speak - - -

pretiming May 26
26-May - Daily stock price timing forecast - ◆ Investing view => Sell - Bearish ◆ Search for the daily stock price timing forecast ◆ Upper~Lower sto...

BorisB2 May 26
According to the honorable Stuart Butterfield, almost 230,000,000 users of Office 365/msft 365 have no desire for MSFT teams. And each 1,000,000 user migration to SLACK would be worth about $1.50 - $2.00 a share to Slack's stock price.

puppy_trades May 24
1. Pick an uptrend, any uptrend 2. Find an ABC Correction within that uptrend 3. Find the -123.6% Retracement of that Correction HYPOTHESIS: This is the NEXT best price target to exit a long position entered FROM that correction Here it is for

banker_boy2 May 23
Also gate’s wealth is in Msft stock. If he keeps on dumping stock, the price will reduce also further convoluting the math.

ElHammerino May 22

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