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ToddSullivan 3 Sep 2014 shared via Twitter
Commented on StockTwits: "@CapitalMarketLabs: Stock Price to Book Value - Is MSFT Valuation Perfect?...

stickycactusink 3 Apr 2019 shared via Twitter
With a book value of almost double its current trading price appears to be an incredible value.

mikeo188 1 Dec 2019 shared via Twitter
The value seeking market fatties have already aligned futures closer to their opex pin payday preferred price. Another finger licking good, self mandated pin almost in the books

mapplumber 19 Jul 2010 shared via Twitter
tech microsoft .. msft has lot of cash on the books .. share holders - want to create value - increase stock price

macroaxis 24 Nov 2012 shared via Twitter
Climbed past 2% as of 11/24/12 4:08 pm. Maintains price to book of 3.27 times

IanPanchevre 8 Dec 2017
Good for you. It’s hard to out perform BTC over the long run with an altcoin. It needs to be a really high quality coin at a great price, like ETH at $10. IOTA has shitty technology and they lied about the MSFT “partnership.” With most altcoins you should book profits into BTC.

GeorgeMo 20 Dec 2017
Moving from analog reference materials (shelves of books) to digitized price guides not only updates pricing info, but saves lifting

chgamez 2 Nov 2018
Need other metrics but stock price is an ok proxy (for public companies). You can also use book value (which can be assumed for private/VC and PE funded COs) Trick here is define “legaltech” (MSFT?) and carve out contribution to company value. Then define Innovation (R&D, Lab?)

PatelJadia 21 Aug 2018
An Eye on Price to Book (P/B) Ratio Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) - Top desert News

The Isaacson book said Jobs started work on tablet because some MSFT guy bugging him about how far ahead MSFT was. Any truth to that? Also, it seemed to me Apple may have fanned rumors of high price and then $399 was pleasant surprise.

KwnF 28 Nov 2018
Price to book: : 9.9 : 1.21 : 1.35 : 31 : 7.99

App_sw_ 17 Mar 2017
Surface Book 2 Might Be Regular Laptop to Lower the Price. Read more:

App_sw_ 17 Feb 2017
Surface Book specs, price and release date: Microsoft tries to sweeten Brexit pr... Read more:

App_sw_ 15 Feb 2017
Brexit forces to push up Surface Book price by £150. Read more:

Sean0x54 28 Jul 2015
under the lights tonight as they begin to rollout Windows 10. At the low low price of free this upgrade may be for the record books.

eenoch01 16 Apr 2013
Price to book(!): better than

justcomptech 9 Apr 2012
Apple to Defend Price Agreement for Digital Books – AAPL, MSFT, ORCL, GOOG: Other rivals Microsoft Corporation (...

mapplumber 19 Jul 2010
tech microsoft .. msft has lot of cash on the books .. share holders - want to create value - increase stock price

seikatsu 16 Nov 2009
most of them seem to come from book - e.g are MSFT Q's. Why would GOOG ask about windowwashing in Seattle?

mattcutts 9 Oct 2009
with e.g. MSFT instead, who later withdrew specifically when MSFT didn't see commercial benefits to scanning books.

shellen 3 Jun 2009
Headline from yesterday "Other shoe drops, Google to sell books online" the real news: Google OS runs on PC's, bye MSFT

CNBCTheExchange 2 Sep 2009
Amazon Asks Court to Block Google Book Settlement

FoxNews 20 Aug 2009
BUSINESS: Amazon, Microsoft, Yahoo to Oppose Google Books Deal: NYT. (AMZN), Microsoft (MSFT)...

reybango 31 Mar 2010
order ur new book on JS perf. Comes on Thurs. Looking forward to it. BTW want to chat about my work at MSFT. Will email u.

ScottCate 10 Jun 2008
how do u check into msft phx? Doesnt seem to be found in the bkite address book, u use the site??? Or sms???

hughcards 25 Apr 2008
Everybody loves me this week. MSFT, Sun, wine biz, book deal. I thought I was meant to be kicking back in Alpine, Texas? Guess not.

BrianSozzi 28 Apr 2010
: And just think we formerly had to use encyclopedias to write book reports. Thank you , , .

motherfuton 21 Jul 2009
I like your strategy. Rack up the losses to write off the massive gains you've made on MSFT. You sir need to write a book.

ashwinram 21 Mar 2010
@Kartik_Mithal Oh, I agree completely. My point is, MSFT can't be expected to think things through. They never do. See Alan Cooper's book.

olivermarks 1 Jan 2009
More msft taking advantage of PS3 tech Sony thought was proprietary to them, looks like a gr8 book , looking forward to reading

jonrognerud 18 Nov 2008
Search Biz: MSFT Spends On Lobbyists To Save On Yahoo; Google Book Deal Gets Tentative OK; WSJ Says ‘..

dsilverman 21 Jan 2008
tweaking my book at the last minute to account for MSFT's new virtualization licensing for Vista.the news almost broke too late.

victorgaudioso 31 May 2010
Come to my book signing/SL4 presentation at the MSFT store in CA on Jun19!

papayamaya 22 Mar 2010
Although the MSFT references are pretty awesome, to read in a fiction book all these real details (like look and feel of campus)

Microsoft_Gov 4 Nov 2009
Announcing Student Rally contest to win prizes (Net book w/ anyone?) Check out & share -

lcooney 16 Jul 2009
I have been talking you and that "to be published" book of yours up at (MSFT WW partner conference).. We should chat...

lizasperling 20 Aug 2009
3 Google Rivals Plan to Oppose Settlement of Book Suit - (Amazon, MSFT, Yahoo)

jeffreycarr 22 Feb 2009
Working on book. Sometimes think need to balance this out w/ MSFT work. Wait - no longer at MS - grin & go bk to wrtng

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