msft price target 2021 - Datastreamcomm

BoB2Trader 12 May 2019 shared via Twitter

ChanLo71826571 Feb 13 shared via Twitter

N_Phelge Apr 3 shared via Twitter
he bought long term calls (msft) with a low strike price. He's probably in the money now. However I don't think they expire until 2021

AskGeorgeBailey Feb 29 shared via Twitter
Right now no one has put hard downward revisions on Q120, rest 2020,& start 2021 earnings new guidance expectations. put out earnings but no one has actually given hard for future outlook. Think this will mark bottom once they do. mkt will have price in.thoughts?

RogerThomas1288 15 Oct 2019 shared via Twitter
alright Smug. I work in Financial Services & did research but you were an influence. I just bought MSFT June 2021 Exp $130 calls. I’m conservative so went out in time & bought in-the-money as a stock surrogate. Price too rich for me to buy meaningful shares.

BoB2Trader 12 May 2019

KDVR 11 May 2019
Target bomb threat update: 43-year-old Wheat Ridge man arrested in connection with bomb threat made inside an Edgewater Target store

pretea_zee 11 May 2019
Mommy, I did it! First generation college student, 21 & degree! The price just went up🥳

LilaGraceRose 11 May 2019
Is this the new normal for pro-choice Democrats? Harass & bully pro-life constituents? Make racist comments, mock their faith? Specifically target 13 & 15-year-old girls & tell online followers to find their identities so they can shame & harm them?

IndianRegista 11 May 2019
The UCL is the main target but it isn't the only target. Even Real and Barça don't have it as their only target, come on. We failed in winning the UCL but the entire season doesn't involve the UCL alone. I don't understand why this is difficult to understand.. ?

turner_bramwell 11 May 2019
Is cool worth a 10x price?? I think Tesla is more about experience, price and efficiency than being cool.

kimmyyks 11 May 2019
I give u sari half price medam

dariusthedonn 11 May 2019
Price just went up. Talk nice. 🎓

HumanProgress 11 May 2019
The time it took to earn enough money to buy a can of peas in 1919, bought 25 cans of peas in 2019. That's a decrease a time price of 95.9%.

Kate_Kelly_Esq 11 May 2019
TY Hot Takes Feminist of the Internet™️ for attempting to explain what a strike is. This is not a strike like you saw in Newsies. Sex strikes have specifically proven to be effective, bc instead of targeting a company or entity, they target many individuals in power (men).

BriceMarich 11 May 2019
landed the top player in the state of Illinois for the 2019 cycle with OL Trevor Keegan and now they have the top player once again in the 2021 class with QB J.J. McCarthy. Recruiting extremely well in the Land of Lincoln

QBHitList 11 May 2019
🗣️Breaking news!!! 🙌🏽CONGRATS!!! Premium 2021 QB Nazareth Academy(IL) has just given his commitment to play for The University of Michigan! 〽️ ▶️Profile:

LaLa_Leraa 11 May 2019
Got degreed so you know the price just went up 🤸🏾‍♂️

RogueRad 11 May 2019
The 20-page reports happened when doctors couldn’t tell their uncertainty from their posterior (Bayesian pun intended). We’re still paying the price for Bayesian illiteracy. To be Bayesian is to be wrong

AltcoinPsycho 11 May 2019
Target hit, took 80% profit here and letting the rest ride out. Imagine thinking my Ugandan black magic magnets don't work. Will reload and add more on any pull backs

JonnoPlaysCoC 11 May 2019
Today I got a free shiny in just by walking to my local store! Come watch my vlog premier and see how to get a code for a free shiny on both and using the App! Watch Now:

veryhotmomm 11 May 2019
the price is i don’t get to suck dick. that’s legal tender

TradeWithNinja 11 May 2019
Giving projected price targets is fine but getting into a position and giving price targets you aren’t guaranteed it happening. People ask for targets but what’s important is what’s the time frame it’ll hit.

adyvafoods 11 May 2019
Ayo, this is not it. Leave people be, the people that can afford to go to the market to buy it are Probably not their target market. You can DM them to have a rethink on the price to encourage more people to buy but out rightly condemning people's hustle is bad. Please

murchandamus 11 May 2019
That price action is so weird. It was so nice that there was some peace and quiet in the past year… got so much done. Back to eternal september? 😝

business 11 May 2019
China’s latest crackdown target is liberal economists

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