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mikeo188 24 Apr 2019 shared via Twitter
almost all the way back up after hours... should be over 1930 premarket in the morning as expected. Almost like... everything is risk free and we should keep buying at any price.

JessieLivermore 24 Apr 2019 shared via Twitter
Love msft been long since it’s ipo. While it may be short term overbot with this after hours move, its price is reasonable and could see a two handle in the future

c2412345 May 21 shared via Twitter

bobwilson 22 Apr 2009 shared via Twitter
The call just ended. Now lets wait and see what happens with the stock price tomorrow! Reminder, MSFT reports after hours tomorrow.

dolange 23 Apr 2009 shared via Twitter
MSFT 3Q profits fall 30 percent. After Hours stock price is _up_ 5%. I don't get it. (Not that I'm complaining!)

martin_wolf_ 26 Apr 2016
After-hours share price drop wipes out $46B—equivalent of . Roar!

PeterHanksFX 18 Jul 2019
Microsoft Q2 Earnings: Revenue: $33.72B vs $32.78B exp EPS: $1.37 vs $1.21 exp shares are 1% higher in after-hours trading and within the implied price range

IGSquawk 20 Oct 2016
MSFT Adj-EPS $0.76 vs Exp. $0.68 Share price up $2 in after hours JG

IanGertler 24 Oct 2013
Wow! RT : huge excitement over numbers & major price breakout after hours; multi-year highs.

cheatsheet 19 Apr 2012
6 Stocks Buzzing After Hours: Chipotle's Price Hikes Pay Off, Double Win for Microsoft

FilmProfessor9 20 Jul 2017
and in the after hours were dumped in big chunks. I assume it's all profit taking and rotation. Both hit LT price targets

TripleDTrader 26 Apr 2018
up 1.3% after hours, but of that gain, nearly all is accounted for by these 3 stocks: +7.1% (9.87% of index) +3.5% (9.86% of index) +5.5% (3.31% of index) This means that rest of index will basically be flat if opens at this price tomorrow.

CdnInvestor 24 Jan 2012
why only a 7% stock price increase? MSFT up 6% a 2cents beat. Apple kills it and achieves same after hours pop..

n2nvest1 30 Jan 2019
traded down to 101.46 after hours on numbers. If it can hold this level I’m long. Might consider 2/8 105/106c depending on price.

GuyCreal May 5
Loaded heavy at end of day and now after hours. Way too cheap of a price. Company profiting off the pandemic and new way of life now.

Comical how amzn’s financially engineered “profit” is up 7% yoy and the stock is up 12% after hours. Yet Msft’s clean profit was up 36% yoy and its stock price was only up 2.8% today.

MSovak Mar 3
Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) NasdaqGS - NasdaqGS Real Time Price. Currency in USD In watchlist 164.51-8.28 (-4.79%) At close: 4:00PM EST 163.10 -1.41 (-0.86%) After hours: 6:12PM EST

steveray 22 Apr 2008
afterhours YHOO price flat - earnings dont seem to make MSFT takeover any more or less likely. We'll see if guidane moves it.

WhisperNumber 23 Oct 2019
came in at 1.38, 4c ahead of the whisper number, down 0.6% after hours, avg price reaction table ...

MarketChmln Mar 14

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