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John (24 December 1166 – 18/19 October 1216), also known as John Lackland (Norman French: Johan sanz Terre),[1] was King of England from 6 April 1199 until his death. During John's reign, England lost the duchy of Normandy to King Philip II of France, which resulted in the collapse of most of the Angevin Empire and contributed to the subsequent growth in power of the Capetian dynasty during the 13th century.,_King_of_England
Seal of Philip II Junior king Senior king 1 November 1179 – 18 September 1180 18 September 1180 – 14 July 1223 Coronation 1 November 1179 Sp...
Philip II Augustus was the King of France from 1180 to 1223, and the first to be called by that title. His predecessors had been known as Roi des Francs (King of the Franks) but from 1190 onward Philip was known as ''Roi de France'' (King of France). A member of the House of Capet, Philip Augustus was born at Gonesse in the Val-d'Oise, the son of Louis VII and of his third wife, Adela of Champagne.
Expansion of royal authority and traditional ruling institutions. The coronation of Philippe II Auguste in the presence of Henry II of England
Territorial Conquests of Philip II of France - Duchy of Brittany - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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Queen Joan of Navarre and King Philip IV of France/#Knightfall
Philip II of France - Ancestor
My old world
Reine Marie de Médicis. Queen of France as the second wife of King Henry IV of France, of the House of Bourbon.
Portrait of John I of Cleves- Marck (1419-1481), paternal Great-Grandfather of Anne of Cleves. His sister was Marie of Cleves, who was the mother of Louis XII, King of France, the elderly husband of Mary Tudor, sister of Henry VIII, from 1514-1515. John I married Elizabeth of Nevers, daughter of the Count of Nevers. They have six children, among whom were John II, Duke of Cleves; Philip of Cleves, Bishop of Amiens, Nevers & Autun; & Engelbert Count of Nevers. Portrait by Rogier Van der Weyden.,_Duke_of_Cleves
King Richard I of England with his sister the widowed Joan queen of Sicily meeting King Phillip II of France while on route to the holy land during the third crusade (1189–1192).
Isabella of Hainault - Queen Consort of France (b.1170 - d. 1190) Married to Philippe II, "Augustus" King of the Franks. (House of Capet) My 22nd and 23rd GGP.
Pearl and diamond brooch - The PELEGRINA was part of the Spanish Crown Jewels, being granted by King Philip IV to his daughter Maria Teresa when she married Louis XIV of France in 1660.
"I am here because Matthew was there for me after the French king executed Hugh". / Philip IV of France disbanded, arrested and accused the Knights Templar of heresy and worse. Hugh died alongside the Templars that were executed at the order of Philip IV in the fourteenth century. "Hugh de Clermont had been burned at the stake, leaving no body to bury."
Philip the Fair Philip IV of France – effigy at St. Denis King of France~As early as the 14th century, the town had commune status and a county judge. In 1307, several Templars, were arrested and imprisoned in the dungeons of the château by order of Philip IV of France,
Maria of Brabants marriage with the French king Philip III of France, miniature in the manuscript Chroniques de France ou de St. Denis, British Library, London. Date: End of 14th century. Artist unknown
Isabel de Bourbon, Queen of Spain
Elisabeth of France (1602-1644) Queen consort of Spain & Portugal as wife of King Philip IV of Spain / eldest daughter of King Henry IV of France & Marie de' Medici. Elisabeth was renowned for her beauty, intelligence & noble personality, which made her very popular with the Spanish people. The new queen of Spain was aware her husband had mistresses & she herself was the subject of rumors about her relations w/ poet Peralta. When a fire broke out, Peralta carried the queen to a place of safety.
Tomb of Philip IV in the Basilica of St Denis.
Isabella of France (1295-1358) the youngest surviving daughter of Philip IV of France & Joan I of Navarre. She was brought up in Paris and given a good education where she developed a love of books. Contemporaries would later comment on her intelligence which was unusual for the medieval period. Isabella became known as the “She-wolf of France” in the 18th century when Thomas Gray produced an anti-French poem in which she rips apart the bowels of Edward II with her “unrelenting fangs.”
Screenshot of Toby Regbo as Francis, Dauphin of France, in "Reign" - I'll just drop this in here and see what you guys make of it.
Beautiful Men
Philippe IV le Bel (1268-1314) - Philip IV, called "the Fair" was King of France from 1285 until his death. A member of the House of Capet, Philip was born at the Palace of Fontainebleau to King Louis IX's eldest son, Philip the Bold and Isabella of Aragon. Married to Joan of Navarre (Jeanne de Navarre), three of their sons would become kings of France (Louis X, Philippe V, Charles IV), and his daughter, Isabella of France, as consort of Edward II, became queen of England.
Framed Print-Tomb of Philip III The Bold, King of France from 1270 to 1285AD, Basilica of St-14"x12" inch Frame and mount made in the UK
Wallace Letter // 14th c // National Records of Scotland // From King Philip IV of France to his agents in Rome,commands them to assist Wallace in his business before the Pope & is dated 7 November 1300. It is known that Wallace travelled to the court of Philip IV of France in 1299 in an effort to persuade him to support the Scottish Cause against the English King,Edward I.The document suggests that Wallace intended to visit the Pope but it is not known whether he reached Rome // #Braveheart
Who Were the Plantagenet Queens of England?
Margaret of France, 1279-1318, 2nd Queen consort to Edward I Longshanks of England (1239-1307, ruled 1272-1307) Married: 9/08/1299 (Edward was 60) but was never crowned. The couple had 2 sons and a daughter. Margaret was a daughter of Philip III of France and Maria of Brabant |

EWTN 25 Feb 2015 shared via Twitter
Meet the Kings! They include King Richard the Lionheart of , King Philip of and the...

DaGQLife 13 Sep 2013 shared via Twitter
Oct 13 1307 the original Friday the 13th King Philip of France and Pope Clement V issues edicts to…

IAM_SHAKESPEARE 28 Sep 2012 shared via Twitter
Enter, on one side, AUSTRIA and forces; on the other, KING PHILIP OF FRANCE,

Oscar6l 13 Feb 2015 shared via Twitter
King Philip of France ordered the arrest of Knight Templar leaders on Friday 13 October 1307.

charnewcomb May 27 shared via Twitter
27 May 1199 – John crowned King of England at Westminster. Arthur of Brittany, King Philip of France, and characters in my novel weren't happy about that!

gobmentcheese 30 Oct 2014
@MichaelScha13 That's why King Philip of France seized their lands and charged them as heretics to claim their wealth.

GregRubini 13 Sep 2019
Friday 13th... Do you know why Friday 13 is considered a bad omen? Because on October, Friday 13, 1307 the Knights Templar were rounded up and arrested by King Philip of France, under orders of the Papacy.

Trakhener 25 Jun 2013
A killing in the spring, it was ordered by Pope Innocento & King Philip of France. Religion & Greed by the Chutch

CampoeKE 17 Jul 2012
On a Friday the 13th in 1306, King Philip of France arrested the revered Knights Templar (cont)

vgr 3 Aug 2012
See Frazier/Dutta "throwing sheep in boardroom" for how King Philip of France took the Templars apart...

WTEpaminondas 17 Dec 2018
Because we spread the black plague in 1347 in Siena, loaned to much $ to Edward I of England and King Philip of France obviously. One cannot forget one's favorite sport, after all

JamesFRickley 25 Aug 2017
And remember Robin was linked to King Richard, m2m lover of King Philip of France - so stick that bee in your bonnet

jackbern23 12 Jul 2018
John paid personal homage to King Philip of France as the Duke of Normandy, not the King of England, these situations are not analogous at all But we know that, don't we You just wanted to say "homage" and "Le Goulet" and sound vaguely intelligent you desperately insecure man

semprescettica 5 Dec 2019
Everybody knows that Friday the 13th is “unlucky” because it was the day that Jacques de Molay and the “last” Knights Templar were rounded up and imprisoned by King Philip of France. De Molay would eventually be burnt to death in front of Notre Dame

TheGoodDeath 3 Dec 2012
King Philip of France said William the Conqueror's bloated decomposing body looked like a "pregnant woman." Oh NO YOU DIDN'T Philip.

er_mercer May 16
The Avignon Papacy came to be after the election of French Clement V who owed his power to King Philip of France. Philip had sought to establish dominance over Rome via an assassination plot, capture and torture of Clement's predecessor. In the end, he was successful.

Scotland4me 18 Sep 2011
N7: Rare Wallace letters secured for Edinburgh Exhibition: A 700-year-old letter from King Philip of France, whi...

DebbiBach 13 Jun 2014
on Oct 13 -a Friday- most of the order was arrested by King Philip of France and accused of heresy. They were tortured and

May 24, 1337: King Philip of France confiscates the Aquitaine, beginning the Hundred Years' War between England and France.

All because King Phillip wanted to get out of the massive debt he got himself in, conspired with the Vatican to discredit the Templar’s

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