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King Philip's War - week 9
17th C. Encampment & Book Author Event
17th C. Encampment & Book Author Event - Visitors to the Pequot Museum experienced a 17th c. military and civilian living-history encampment from the Pequot War (1636-1637) and King Philip’s War (1675-1677) periods. Including musket and bow shooting demonstrations; campfire cooking; lithic tool making; flint knapping demonstrations; period blacksmithing; and English militia drills.
On May 1, 1637, Connecticut Colony declared war against the Pequot. This marked the first declared war in Connecticut between an indigenous people and English colonists. The conflict, though, had started well before the colony’s 1637 declaration. It stemmed from decades of tension and antagonism between not only the English colonists and the Pequot but involving Dutch settlers and other Native tribes as well.
'New England White Settlers Attack the Pequot Indian Fort During the Pequot War of 1637' Giclee Print - English School |
Notebooking Resources ~ Freebies & More! - Homeschool Giveaways
Notebooking Resources ~ Free Notebooking Pages
Of Plymouth Plantation by William Bradford - Themes, Symbols, and Motifs: From Perseverance to Faith, there are many key themes in Bradford's narrative, Of Plymouth Plantation. Using a Grid storyboard / graphic organizer, students can visually depict each theme! They should include details about the Mayflower Compact, the Pilgrims, and Plymouth Colony, if possible. Find this activity, and more, in our free lesson plan!
Moments with April: Heart of Dakota - Bigger Hearts for His Glory Weekly Grid
Notebooking as Home School Programs {Weekend Links}
History notebooking for homeschoolers {Weekend Links} from
The power of words: Unschooling language arts - Unschool RULES
Unschooling language arts - how reading, spelling and writing happen naturally in our lives | Unschool Rules
Wampanoag Nation
Metacomet (King Phillip)
National Geographic Kid's On the Trail of Captain John Smith: A Jamestown Adventure "Game"
Smashbooks | The Sparrow's Home
Using Grocery Flyers To Practice Math Skills
Awesome ideas for using grocery flyers to practice math skills!
What Do Unschooled Teens Do All Day?
What do unschooled teens do all day? - Simple Homeschool
Medieval Castles for Kids
4 Medieval Art & Music
Great Swamp Fight Monument
Discover Great Swamp Fight Monument in South Kingstown, Rhode Island: Off a hiking trail in Rhode Island stands a picturesque memorial to a long-forgotten war.
How to Create a Homeschool Portfolio or Notebook
Are you wondering how to create a homeschool notebook that works everyday and showcases student progress all year? You will love this super simple technique. It works for any homeschooling method!
King Philip's War and the Contact Period in Warren, RI
exterior of a wetu
13 Colonies Map and Activities | Distance Learning
This non-fiction close read and map activity focuses on climate, geography, and economies of the early American colonies. First, students will read about the original 13 colonies in order to gain a better understanding of how climate and geography played a big role in shaping economy.
Livin ’ Life in Roanoke, Jamestown, and Plymouth
Livin ’ Life in Roanoke, Jamestown, and Plymouth. Roanoke- Quick Facts. It was the first colony in the new world, located on an Island near the coast of North Carolina .
Lazy Homeschoolers Raise Geniuses | Orison Orchards
Lazy Homeschoolers Raise Geniuses | Orison Orchards
Mashpee Wampanoag Indian Powwow, Mashpee, Massachusetts, July 2010

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