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Brent Saunders Allergan BI Interview - Business Insider
Here's what the head of Botox-maker Allergan has to say about drug prices inversions and why Carl Icahn is not a threat to his long-term plans
If you're new to coding, this is the programming language you should learn first
Ken Moelis
Ken Moelis: Leadership Lecture
Ken Moelis (W'81 WG'81), chief executive officer of Moelis & Company, speaks at Wharton on January 21, 2010 as part of the Wharton Leadership Lecture Series.
Ken Moelis IPO
A banker who worked closely with Trump on debt restructuring sees a big problem coming for the market
Before Ken Moelis founded his own investment bank, he was Donald Trump's banker, he represented Dubai during its debt crisis and counted Steve Wynn as a client so loyal that the casino magnate was among the first to sign on with Moelis & Co. Moelis recently spoke about how the art of the deal has changed — and the big debt problem he thinks will soon hit the market.
The firm that helped launch the careers of Ken Moelis, Paul Singer, and Stephen Schwarzman—among many others? It no longer exists. But we see reminders of DLJ around our office every day—along with countless other firms that, regrettably, are also no longer with us. Over the years we’ve received numerous requests to share deal toys done for these …
Moelis & Company Holdings LP History - Moelis & Company was founded in July 2007 by Wall Street veteran Ken Moelis and a number of his partners. The team sought to create a partnership that offered a better way of investment banking, with a focus on long-term client relationships.
Wharton MBA Program Announces Establishment of Moelis Advance Access Program
House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, R-Va., arrives to meet with fellow Republicans on the day after his defeat in the Virginia primary at the hands of tea party challenger David Brat, at the Capitol in Washington, Wednesday, June 11, 2014. Cantor announce that he will resign his leadership post at the end of July. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)
A Wall Street banker describes the time Donald Trump offered to seal a deal with a $1 million coin flip
A Wall Street banker describes the time Donald Trump offered to seal a deal with a $1 million coin flip

PreetaTweets 23 Oct 2013 shared via Twitter
Potential IPO of boutique bank Moelis & Co. means big payday for Ken Moelis and bankers who own 85% of firm:

business 28 Sep 2016 shared via Twitter
Ken Moelis predicts Donald Trump will win the U.S. presidential election

bpolitics 7 Dec 2017 shared via Twitter

WSJRealEstate 28 Nov 2018 shared via Twitter
Wall Street dealmaker Ken Moelis has paid $62 million for a Manhattan penthouse in one of New York's biggest home sales this year

businessinsider 28 Sep 2016 shared via Twitter
KEN MOELIS: 'I'm predicting that Donald Trump will win the election'

business 30 Apr 2018
Few bank CEOs ever become billionaires. Power dealmaker Ken Moelis is now one of them

business 24 Jan 2018
Ken Moelis says it’s possible that a woman can be the next CEO of the investment bank he began

trengriffin 12 Dec 2015
Ken Moelis: "Somebody came by while I was talking on the phone and put a price tag on my potted plant."

mcorkery5 23 Oct 2018
Wall Street standing tall at Saudi investment conference. "Many bankers kept their name tags obscured behind their ties or decided that this was not the year to speak to the press." “I’m not doing any media,” said Ken Moelis. Great dispatch by

CNBC 19 Jan 2018
‘People are underestimating the impact of the tax reform’ says Ken Moelis, Wall Street veteran

businessinsider 16 Jul 2017
Ken Moelis describes the time Donald Trump sealed a deal with a $1 million coin flip

business 28 Sep 2016
Wall Street destroys lots of value with lapses, Ken Moelis says

GZuckerman 27 Jul 2016
Steve Cohen, Dan Loeb, Ken Moelis & Ron Burkle are investing in this co started by infamous ex-con...Now you can too

FinancialTimes 26 Jun 2016
Management: Ken Moelis, a traditional dealmaker

mariaaspan 25 May 2018
I enjoyed asking Ken Moelis about starting his bank in the middle of the financial crisis, trying to retain more women bankers, and his plans for stepping down:

Bank_Governance 4 Mar 2014
Ken Moelis' investment bank files to go public - Reuters India: Ken Moelis' investment...

CNBCPR 16 Jul 2014
.'s Interviews Nelson Peltz & Ken Moelis from Today:

iimag 14 Sep 2017
Ken speaks to starting banking business during a financial catastrophe, on 's latest

sonalibasak 22 Jan 2019
Ken Moelis, who Bloomberg recently uncovered as one of the few billionaires on Wall Street, thinks a 70% U.S. tax rate -- as per 's plans -- would be "disastrous." And the rest of Davos is also on edge, apparently. via

peter_tl 28 Sep 2016
Ken Moelis: millennials eager to disrupt investment banking should work for firms like Moelis. ht

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