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Ken Miles, Carroll Shelby, Lloyd Ruby, Leo Beebe & Ray Geddes celebrate the first win for the Ford GT. Daytona Continental 2000 km in 1965
The vilification of Leo Beebe: Ford's mission to win Le Mans in 1966
Leo Beebe at Le Mans in 1966 - © Ford Motorsport
Départ des 24 Heures du mans 1966 - Carros e Pilotos.
STEVE MCQUEEN - Le Mans fictional movie poster
STEVE MCQUEEN Le Mans fictional movie poster | Etsy
Carroll Shelby 65
shelby cobra ad
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Ford Le Mans Ken Miles and Carroll Shelby
Stiffspeed Ken Miles driving a Cobra at Riverside CA around 1965
Ken Miles - Wikipedia
Shelby Cobra
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Shelby King Cobra at Riverside Can-Am 1967
Shelby King Cobra
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In the new edition of this classic text, Brian Laban brings the story of the AC Cobra up to date. In the early 1960s, a flamboyant Texan, Carroll Shelby, dreamed of a special kind of sports car, a mar
1966 Ford GT40 Mk II - Winner, 1966 Daytona 24 Hours, Ruby/Miles, Shelby American
Remembering Ken Miles – Vintage Road & Racecar
Remembering Ken Miles – Vintage Road & Racecar
NHRA Legend Dale Armstrong dies | Hemmings Daily
NHRA Legend Dale Armstrong
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Ken Miles sideways in the big snake
The souvenir program cover for the 1967 Daytona race. Pictured are the previous year’s winners Lloyd Ruby (on the left), and the late Ken Miles. Miles would die the summer of 1966 testing the new Ford “J” car at Riverside.
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Le Mans Then and now
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kadiridav May 11 shared via Twitter
No one else on earth could have played Ken miles better than Christian Bale. Also Leo Beebe was such a perfect bastard 😭

ESPNMcGee 14 Nov 2019 shared via Twitter
One more time, my story, but this time with an ESPN exclusive clip of Ken Miles (Christian Bale) dropping the hammer at Le Mans, to Carroll Shelby's (Matt Damon) delight and Ford exec Leo Beebe's (Josh Lucas) concern.

JeffersDixon 23 Nov 2019 shared via Twitter
Watched 24 hour war, Shelby American and Ford v Ferrari this week. Your docs were great. Do you know of any real riff between Leo Beebe and Ken Miles or was that played up for the movie?

guy_rennie Mar 15 shared via Twitter
I watched LeMans 66 last night. Fantastic film but what a sad ending for Ken Miles (played brilliantly by Christian Bale). Was I the only one that wanted to beat the crap out of Leo Beebe.

GruffSparty_ 7 Dec 2019 shared via Twitter
Ken Miles last record lap at the Le Mans, defying Leo Beebe in Ford v Ferrari

Gyrhead_Sons Mar 20
Was the Leo Beebe / Ken Miles backstory in “Ford vs Ferrari” Hollywood fiction?

Geziandme Feb 22
Think of it like the movie Ford vs Ferrari. Sanders is Ken Miles The Democratic establishment is Ford Shelby are the actual voters and Leo Beebe is the DNC. Makes sense that way.

All-Female Version ♀ Melanie "Sporty Spice" Chisholm (Ken Miles) Amy Jo Johnson (Carroll Shelby) Maggie Q (Lee Iaccoca) Willa Ford (Leo Beebe)

jamessodabi Jan 11
People like Leo Beebe are company faults like factory faults! But we can't blame the demise of Ken Miles on him, he ("Lenny" /(Leonard (Leo))) is enough villainous in his own

GhostlyOcam 30 Dec 2019
Think of Caroll Shelby as the director, Ken Miles and co. as the actors and crew members, Leo Beebe as the producer, and Henry Ford as the corporate's face. See how the creative workers are struggling to present their vision to producers and CEOs.

moesucks 20 Nov 2019
...his wife's reaction is completely omitted. So the movie frames the biggest injustice as Leo Beebe robbing Ken Miles of his big moment. Not that a man in his mid-40s continues to put his life on the line at his own team's detriment, i.e. his family.

porterharlow May 25
Watching Ford v Ferrari with my 16 year old and talking about the leadership skills of Carroll Shelby & Lee Iacocca compared to Henry Ford II, Leo Beebe & Ken Miles.

Darlasrush 17 Nov 2019
Shame on your guys for stealing the win from Ken Miles. Just watched the movie Give the credit back to Ken and his family. Leo Beebe, was an ass!!

American_June Mar 22
Close because the Government TOLD them too, then it is on the Govt. Senate Democrats just FUCKED US ALL Over because they hate Trump. Reminds me of 'Ford vs Ferrari' The Awful Worthless Democrats reminds me of Leo Beebe. He does everything to make Ford and Ken Miles Fail.

Ford V Ferrari was a good movie and very entertaining but i didn’t like the ending. It’s not they ruined the ending it’s just how the life of Ken Miles ended. Leo Beebe did him dirty

MVaughnAW 1 Nov 2019
Saw Ford v Ferrari. Epic! All the racing realism of LeMans but with a far more compelling plot. None of the Eva Marie Saint schmaltz of Grand Prix. Heroes and villains! Boo Leo Beebe! Yay Ken Miles! Review coming soon. Movie opens Nov. 15 for you common people.

RobertB24372158 17 Nov 2019
Ford v Ferrari (2019) #IMDb#ford ⁦⁩ I’ll never buy a Ford again. What a bunch of idiots. Can’t believe what Leo Beebe did to Ken Miles!

CarrollShelby 11 Jan 2011
Daytona Continental 2,000 km Race, Daytona, FL, 1965. Ken Miles, Carroll Shelby, Lloyd Ruby, Leo Beebe and Ray...

Amateurcapper Apr 19
Watching episdoe 1 of The Last Dance on . Last night family & I watched Ford vs. Ferrari. Jerry Kraus = Leo Beebe Phil Jackson = Carroll Shelby Michael Jordan = Ken Miles

Sentinel0764 16 Nov 2019
If he had just let the racers race then there would be no debate about how he screwed over Ken Miles. Philly friends of Leo Beebe say ‘Ford v Ferrari’ gets the Ford exec wrong via

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