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Trump Train
Corruption/ Stupidity
It’s important to understand the difference and what an encaustic tile is and what a cement tile is. The names get confused by everyone even by tile manufactures and tile vendors. Both tiles are un-glazed; but, there are very important differences. Encaustic tile is generally frost-proof and can be used in any outdoor application. Cement tile can't be used in locations subjected to hard freezes, and is more commonly found in Mediterranean or Tropical climates.
Trump fires back at Schumer over coronavirus criticism: 'No wonder AOC is thinking about running against you'
Trump fires back at Schumer over coronavirus criticism: 'No wonder AOC is thinking about running against you' | Fox News
Tucker Carlson: Criminals would be protected from deportation under bill AOC and other House Democrats back
The New Way Forward act is the most radical single piece of legislation we’ve seen proposed in this country. It would allow criminals to move to the U.S.and settle here permanently.
São João da Bahia - O Pelourinho, um dos principais cartões-postais da Bahia, já está com uma decoração toda especial em homenagem aos três santos juninos (Antônio, João e Pedro) e ao futebol, com o verde e amarelo da Seleção Brasileira. #zimmermanngoesto
Crumbling Down and Building Up: AOC's stone preservation on Capitol Hill.
Florence Seymour
'East Face of U. S. Capitol in 1846' Photographic Print - John Plumbe Jr. |
Photographic Print: East Face of U. S. Capitol in 1846 by John Plumbe Jr. : 24x18in
Phoenix - Lisztomania - Boston University Brat Pack Mashup
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez drew light-hearted defenses after a Twitter user reportedly tried to demean her with an old clip of her dancing in college
The Liberty Cap in the Art of the U.S. Capitol
It's free.
It's free.
Cie on Twitter
FB didn't remove it and 45 is not a Christian, but keep kidding yourselves. He loves the poorly educated.
Let that sink in... #Respect . . Follow @donaldtrump_2020 ...- Let that sink in… #Respect . . Follow 👉@donaldtrump_2020👈 for more conte… Let that sink in… #Respect . . Follow 👉@donaldtrump_2020👈 for more content! 🇺🇸 ——————————————————————————— #maga #trump #usa #america… -#WeddingGuestDressesautumn #WeddingGuestDressescouple #WeddingGuestDressesgold #WeddingGuestDressesmarch #WeddingGuestDressesnigeria #WeddingGuestDressespastel #WeddingGuestDressesshort #WeddingGuestDressesspring
In other words, "I'm a stupid Trump supporter who refuses to listen to any arguments that he's bad I'm just going to believe that you hate him because he's great."
Donal Trump the best President 2020
This is what the left is trying to destroy!
He IS my president

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